Light. Simple. Full of features.

The Flymaster GPS LS was created to provide for novice or experienced pilots a flight experience with a light and simple instrument, yet with lots of features. It has almost everything that the most expensive instruments have but for a much more affordable price.

Flymaster GPS LS instrument


Price: $275 inc tax

Free shipping within the USA

PACKAGE DEAL: GPS LS, LS screen protector, legstrap

Price: $300 inc tax

Free shipping within the USA

The GPS LS is the perfect instrument for leisure pilots. It provides novice and experienced pilots with a light and simple instrument with lots of useful features making it ideal for pilots that don’t require airspace or competition and route features. It has many of the basic features of more expensive instruments, for a more affordable price.

The main screen of the GPS LS provides the pilot with a lot of info, including battery level, integrated analog and digital vario, GPS status, current glide-ratio, ground speed, distance to take-off, speed and wind direction, last thermal location and distance, course, two altimeters, clock and flight time

FLymaster USB charging graphic USB Charging
Can be charged with any conventional 5V USB charger
FLymaster GPS LS lithium ion battery graphicInternal Li-Ion battery
One single charge provide more than 100 hours of runtime
Flymaster GPS LS easy to set up graphicEasy Set up
Intuitive and simple instrument adjustment method
Flymaster GPS LS glove friendly keys graphicGlove friendly keys
Even during flight, big keys allow easy operation with gloves
Flymaster GPS LS light and compact graphicLight and Compact
Specifically designed to be extremely thin and comfortable to carry
Flymaster GPS LS rugged construction graphicRugged construction
It is built from high strength polycarbonate screen combined with a rubber back making it extremely robust
Flymaster GPS LS ultrasenstive vario graphicUltrasensitive vario
An accurate and extremely sensitive instrument that uses the proven quality of Flymaster varios
Flymaster GPS LS scratch resistant screen graphicAnti-scratch screen
Plexiglass polycarbonate highly durable screen

Flymaster GPS LS thermal core assistant graphic

Thermal Core Assistant

Last thermal location

Flymaster GPS LS wind information graphic

Wind information

Wind speed and wind direction

Flymaster GPS LS glide ratio graphic

Glide ratio

Instrument shows current glide ratio

Flymaster GPS LS satellite GPS graphic


72 channel GPS/Glosnass

Flymaster GPS LS size dimensions graphicSize
5″ x 3″ x 0.5″
Flymaster GPS LS speaker graphicSpeaker
The onboard piezo speaker provides up to 90dB
Flymaster GPS LS flight storage graphic memoryFlight Storage
Internal memory allows up to 100 hours of flight storage
Flymaster GPS LS sunlight readable graphicSunlight readable display
The monochrome high contrast display offers you the best viewing experience even under direct sunlight
Flymaster GPS LS weight instrumentWeight
3 oz
Flymaster GPS LS configurable vario acoustic graphicConfigurable vario acoustic
Vario sound modulation can be customised to the pilot’s preference