Your sixth sense in flight

The most complete free-flying instrument ever created. For the most demanding pilot, focused on winning, whether in competition or cross-country.

The ultimate flight computer / instrument for hang gliding and paragliding  combining GPS and highly sensitive variometer, along with live tracking via cell network and a highly intuitive dual screen display flight computer. Side view, various maps including airspace, topography and thermal hot spots displayed on the transflective color screen. Who could want more?


Price: $1070 inc tax

Free shipping within the USA


Price: $1100 inc tax

Free shipping within the USA

LIVE DS Features

logo for GPS module on Flymaster instruments

72 channel U-blox BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPC /QZSS

logo for ultrasensitve vario on Flymaster

Ultra-sensitve vario

logo for FLARM for Flymaster

Built-in Flarm Beacon (no additional subscription needed)

logo for 4G connectivity for Flymaster

Global Multi-band LTE-M

logo for Flymaster LIVE DS tracking

New Enhanced Livetracking

logo for type C USB mass storage

USB Type-C Mass Storage Access

logo for Flymaster Instrument Manager Software

NEW Flymaster Instrument Manager Software

logo for fast- scrolling wheel on Flymaster LIVE DS instrument

Fast-scrolling Wheel instrument

logo for data fields for Flymaster

Improved data fields

logo for new user interface on Flymaster LIVE DS instrument

New User Interface

logo for cutside view on Flymaster LIVE DS

Cutside View

logo for dual screen display on Flymaster LIVE DS instrument


logo for optional Flarm database

Optional Flarm Obstacles Database

logo for in instrument flight playback on Flymaster LIVE DS

In-instrument Flight Playback

logo for in flight leaderboard on Flymaster LIVE DS instrument

In-flight realtime leaderboard with leading points calculation

logo for Flarm aware radar

Flarm Aware Radar (optional feature)[/caption]

logo for inflight voice assistance on FLymaster LIVE DS

In-flight Voice Assistance

logo for customizable layouts on Flymaster instruments

Fully Customizable Layouts

logo for highly visible display on Flymaster LIVE DS instrument

Highly visible under direct sunlight

logo for altitude limits in defined task for Flymaster

Altitude limits in task definition

logo for extra large fonts on Flymaster LIVE DS instrument

Extra-large Fonts[/caption]

logo for optional bumper case

Optional Bumper Case

logo for U-Blox bluetooth low energy for Flymaster LIVE DS

U-blox Bluetooth Low Energy

logo for latest generation microprocessor chip in Flymaster LIVE DS

Latest Gen Microprocessor

logo for ant-thefy system on FLymaster instruments

Anti-theft System

logo for high-resistance protective cover on FLymaster LIVE DS

High-resistance Protective Lens

logo for glove friendly Flymaster LIVE DS instrument

Glove-friendly Keys and UI

logo for battery in Flymaster LIVE DS

Big Battery Life