Flymaster Avionics is based in Portugal developing state-of-the-art avionics for foot launch pilots. Their innovation is breathtaking in both quality and affordability. They are all pilots making avionics for pilots.

Jugdeep Aggarwal has been fortunate to team up with Flymaster Avionics to bring their units into the USA. He has been flying paragliders since 1996 and since then he has flown in over 20 countries and competed both Nationally and Internationally. He continues to compete and when lucky finds a podium spot. He uses the Flymaster LIVE DS to support his flying in both race-to-goal competitions and open-distance formats. In 2009 he organized the US National Paragliding Championships in Dunlap. He has run the Northern California Cross Country League since 2004 which is the largest league in the USA. He continues to assist in the development of leagues around the country which aims to train pilots in cross country flying.

Flymaster-USA aims to support all pilots by giving them access to top-quality instruments at affordable prices. If you are running a competition Flymaster-USA would like to support you. Please contact Jugdeep by email .jugdeep flying his paraglider Flymaster logo Gin glider